We are a non profit making organisation and professional body for Past Life Regression and/or Future Life Progression. It is the only society of its kind in the world.

Our professional therapists are all fully trained, skilled and insured and have reached a high level of competence. All therapists adhere to our code of ethics.

Members of our society are at the cutting edge of new developments in this field and are constantly updating their skills.

Do look around our website where you will find more information about our Past & Future Life work. You can check out our training schemes, research, f.a.q, our code of ethics, your nearest therapist and so much more.
'My aim in setting up this society is to bring fellow practitioners together to enable us to pool knowledge and advance our Future and Past Life work.

There is always strength in a collective and with so many wonderful people having trained with me I feel we can take our work to new heights. Along the way we will pioneer new techniques and lead the way in making a difference to the lives of many people and even to our world.

Join us and together we will make our mark on the world'   Anne Jirsch

The Past & Future Life Society, Weirbank, Monkey Island Lane, Bray on Thames, Berkshire 01628 762690